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Louisiana Institutional Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services to customers in a facility setting, such as long-term care or assisted living facilities, and also to patients living at home. The pharmacy communicates with the patient’s physician and other caregivers as needed to ensure prescriptions are filled as ordered and delivered timely. Our pharmacy staff has over 15 years of experience and we strive to provide continuity of care to the customers in the communities we serve.

Through our Pills In A Pouch service, we provide for medication adherence by simplifying administration through the use of multi-dose packaging. We utilize advanced automated technology to deliver medications conveniently packaged by date and dose time. Each pouch is labeled with the dosage time and the details of the medications included, such as quantity and strength. Multi-dose packaging eliminates the need for weekly medication preparation or the use of pill boxes and promotes adherence to the prescribed medication regimen.

For more information about our Pills in a Pouch service, please visit www.pillsinapouch.com.

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Why Louisiana Institutional Pharmacy

  • Convenient Packaging
  • Simplified Dosing
  • Promotes Medication Adherence
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Free Shipping
  • Patient Education
  • Communication with physician regarding changes and refills


Shelley Miller Shelley Miller Pharmacy Manager
Chad Miller Chad Miller Pharmacist in Charge
Jamie Quebedeaux Jamie Quebedeaux Administrative Assistant